The Process

State-of-the-Art Facility

The wastewater treatment plant consists of dual mechanical screening units at the head works of the plan, followed by a de-watering extractor to remove organic and inorganic solids from the waste stream.

Following physical screening, the waste stream enters into a de-oxygenation tank which is the first step in nutrient removal.

The flow then enters dual bio reactors where further nutrients are stripped from the wastewater, employing aerobic and anaerobic chambers utilized to strip nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations from the flow.

After being treated in the bio reactors, the flow then enters the membrane filter cassettes where all solids are removed, thickened and dewatered. The stabilized solids are then disposed of by burial at the sanitary landfill.

The treated wastewater (or effluent) is disinfected, analyzed, and ultimately returned to the receiving stream.

Please view a visual representation (PDF) of the process.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant can operate at a two million gallon capacity.