Services & Specialties

Patrol Division

This is the largest section of the Woodstock Police Department. It is comprised of 10 officers and 2 sergeants who provide law enforcement services 24 hours per day. These uniformed professionals serve and protect our Town with foot patrols, mountain bikes, and marked vehicles. The Patrol Division also offers community policing services including an active neighborhood watch program that meets quarterly. Many of our officers are certified in many specialties such as tactical team operations, forensic technicians, firearms instructors and armorers, field training officers, and child safety seat technicians.

Criminal Investigations Division

It is our mission in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Woodstock Police Department to aggressively investigate any and all crimes that require extensive follow-up in conjunction with other members of the agency. The objective being a favorable resolution for all persons involved, seeking justice for our victims and consequences for our offenders.

Our Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of two highly skilled investigators with certification through the Department of Forensic Science. These individuals respond to serious crimes and manage complex criminal investigations. In addition, they are also members of the Mutual Aid Crime Scene Team which provides assistance to all agencies in Shenandoah County when additional investigative resources are necessary. The investigators work closely with surrounding jurisdictions to ensure investigations are coordinated and all pertinent information is shared among participating agencies. Our investigators are members of the Northern Virginia/District of Columbia Internet Crimes Against Children (NOVA/DC ICAC) Task Force and also work in conjunction with the Northwest Regional Drug Task Force.

Community Policing

The Woodstock Police Department has a long tradition of working in conjunction with the residents and community leaders to provide professional police service to our community. Every member of the Police Department understands and embraces the importance of community interaction and feedback. To this end, the Department coordinates an active Neighborhood Watch Program that meets quarterly to discuss crime trends and share information to better deter criminal activity.

Bicycle Squad

In 2012, the Woodstock Police Department unveiled its new bike patrol program. This initiative was fully funded through the use of seized funds from a criminal investigation and did not impact the Town's budget. Six members of the Police Department have been trained and certified as Bicycle Patrol Officers. These officers are equipped to ride year round and have been used in a variety of settings.

Property Checks

If you are resident or property owner in the Town of Woodstock, and plan to be away from your home, you can request your property be checked by a patrol officer during their normal duties.

Safety Talks

Our officers are trained in a wide range of law enforcement related fields. If you would like to have an officer present information on any safety related issue, please contact the Police Department to schedule a date.

Tactical Team

 Our department has officers that are a part of the Shenandoah County Mutual Aid Tactical Team. These highly trained officers respond when specialized resources are needed in dealing with potentially violent suspects.

Task Forces

Our investigators are members of the NOVA/DC Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force which is comprised of 37 law enforcement agencies spread over a large geographic area. The skilled investigators have specialized training and equipment to monitor and dialogue with individuals attempting to solicit underage children over the internet.

Crime Scene Team

Our investigators work closely with all surrounding agencies in the region and participate in the Shenandoah County Mutual Aid Crime Scene Team. These specially trained investigators respond anywhere in Shenandoah County when additional investigative assistance is required by an agency.

Parking Enforcement

The Woodstock Police Department employs a parking enforcement officer who ensures parking restrictions in the historic section of town are enforced. Parking in the historic district is restricted to either two hours for shopping or fifteen minutes for customer pick ups. All parking in this area is clearly marked.