Flora Vista TownhomesThe Town of Woodstock operates a Zoning Department in order to ensure the citizens of Woodstock a safe environment in which to live, work, and play. The Zoning Department enforces the zoning and subdivision ordinance for existing and proposed development within the Town of Woodstock.

Woodstock’s zoning map is hosted by the Shenandoah County GIS platform. Click here and type in your address. In the upper right corner, click “Layers” for a dropdown box of options. Scroll to "Zoning" to put a zoning overlay that will apply colors over each parcel. On the far left, click the Layers Info icon from GIS (For Zoning page on website)"Identify Layers" icon to find the zoning for the parcel about which you are inquiring.

For more information, please contact staff at 540-459-3621.